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5.05 Un-Janed Melody - Melrose Place screen caps

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Melrose Place → Alison Parker (season 3)

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5.04 Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love - Melrose Place screen caps

Alison & Billy | MP ● Holding On & Letting Go
Edit: I’ve re uploaded the video today, cause it turned out to have some sound issues on youtube. I fixed it somewhat, hope it works better now. 720p HD. My first tribute video to Melrose Place couple Alison & Billy. They have been my favorites since the very beginning, the reason i wanted to watch more, and i have only gotten to love them more everytime i re-watch the show. I heard this song, and after two years of not vidding anymore, it suddenly gave me new inspiration to create a new video. And of course i chose Alison & Billy. There isn’t enough of them on youtube in my opinion, and they have so many amazing scenes together. It was long hard work to create it but also a lot of fun. So here’s a tribute to a beautiful, genuine couple and even more: friendship. Enjoy!

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Melrose Place’s pilot episode title sequence

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5.03 Moving Violations - Melrose Place screen caps

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